No Missed Opportunities 
Los Angeles 

Joint Venture 

No Missed Opportunities 

Los Angeles 



No Missed Opportunities joint venture with EJGll Llc 

No Missed Opportunities will provide Non Profit Organization 501(c)3 Limited Benefits of Federal Tax Exempt Donations 


Banking Services 

EJGll Llc provides Project Expense Report and Monthly Record Accounting of NMOLA Projects. 

Donation goal $115,000


Clothing and Advertising 


NMO Marketed 

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 

Weekly Food Drive 

3901 w Adams Blvd 

Los Angeles Ca 


Monthly Project 


Skid Row 

Goal Weekly Giveaway


No Missed Opportunities is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization founded 2017

by Nicholas Drake for Human Services currently completing community clean up project at Uncle Dave’s

Transitional Housing in Los Angeles partners in this joint venture with

EJGll Llc parent corporation of “Vulgar Brand” Clothing Line

to provide clothing to under privileged across the nation. 

Our goal is to collect donations and distribute 100 bags of full sets of the following:

Donation Request / Cost / DIY

$20/3- 1 Tee Shirt


$15/7.5- 1 Sweatshirt


$20/10- 1 Sweatpants


$15/5- 1 knit hat


$20/5- 12 pair of Socks


$25/7.5- 1 Hooded Sweatshirt


$38 cost vs Amazon Delivery (DIY) Option

Order at Amazon and Deliver to someone in need this Holiday Season.

$115 = 1 person bag or 22 people receive 1 item of clothing 

Additional funding covers: Shipping, handling and cost associated with distribution to the community. Our efforts are to be transparent to the community in our projects. 

$11,500 = 100 bags

Our goal is to raise funds to giveaway 1000 bags of clothing.


  • Donation request letters to clothing companies 

  • Go Fund Me Marketing Campaign

  • Social Media Marketing 

  • Website/blog linked to NMO

  • Sponsorship for logo on products 

  • Charity Events. 

Project Executive Director/ NMOLA Division President 

EJ Glover

  • Develop project goals : Create and prioritize Daily weekly and Monthly Plan of Action

  • Maintain End of Day Record keeping

  • Create Timeline and deadline for event management 

  • Develop Staff and Volunteers to implement projects

  • Drive and track donation request data ( POC, Location, phone number email) 

Project VP

Nicholas Drake  

  • Website Design and Marketing 

  • Banking and Donation Request Materials 

Support project goals 

Sponsorship Packages 

Platinum- $10,000 ( 100 bags) Logo on Bag and Shirt 

Gold- $5,000 (50 bags) Logo on shirt 

Silver- $2,500 (25 bags) Sponsorship Video on Social Media 

Bronze -$1,000 (10 bags) Shout Out in Sponsorship video 

Copper-$500 (5 bags) logo on project website  

Superstar Membership - $115 Federal Tax Exemption and Email Newsletter Ad 

Donations can be made directly on the www.NoMissedOpportunities.com

contact NMOinfo@gmail.com or Div. President to Donate for one of our Packages.

NMOLA Donation

NMOLA Donation

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